Friday, March 21, 2008

Whose kids do you want to send to college?

Whose kids do you want to send to college - yours or your lawyers?

I am amazed when I hear how much money people spend on legal fees in a divorce. Perfectly rational people who will go across the street to save a few cents on gas, who will shop at big box stores to get that volume discount, who are smart consumers, will waste thousands of dollars paying their lawyers to prove that they are right. Is it really that important?

Saving money should never be the only reason you choose mediation. In fact, if it is, mediation probably won't work. You have to commit to being honest with yourself and with your
soon-to-be-ex. You can still be angry - of course. And upset. And emotional. But you have to be honest.

But as a side benefit, mediation does allow you to keep more resources inside the family. It is, frankly, less expensive. So your kids can go to college. Not your lawyers'.

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