Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Next 10 - or 20 - or 30 Years

I went to my {gulp} 30th Smith College reunion last weekend (OK, I'll upload a photo separately).  Jill Ker Conway spoke to our class -- she'd been president of the college when we were there.  She said that we should not look forward to retiring at the age of 62, or 65 -- those numbers were established as retirement age when the life expectancy was about 68.  But now the life expectancy is much longer - and we should expect to be productive and active citizens until well into our 80s. 

My 85 year old Dad is trying to figure out which book he'll write next.  My Mom, just a bit younger, is at her Pilates class right about now.  I can't keep up with them because they go out so often.  (That's one of the advantages of living in New York City, I suppose.)  Not that they don't have their aches and pains.  They are both experts at taking naps.  But I admire them so. 

What will I be doing in 10 years?  20?  30?  What will you be doing then?

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